A Sex Crime Attorney Who Knows How to Challenge Forensic Evidence

The importance of hiring a sex crime attorney that knows how to challenge forensic evidence

Being charged with a sex crime can have far-reaching ramifications on your life. The experience can be overwhelming and terrifying. If mishandled, you face both financial and legal consequences that can follow you throughout your whole life, affecting not only yourself but your family. For this very reason, it is crucial to find yourself a sex crime attorney that knows how to expertly and diligently defend sexual offenses. 

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A top sex crime attorney knows the challenges ahead

In general, sex crimes can be some of the hardest to defend. Beyond the implications of evidence, it is not uncommon to sense presumption of guilt from the court and the prosecutor. The first thing you should do when charged with a sex crime is to find a lawyer. However, when consulting with your potential representation, take the time to feel if you can build trust with them. An experienced and successful sex crime lawyer understands that they are your voice in court.

The role of forensic evidence

Forensic evidence generally helps build and secure the prosection’s case. When forensic evidence is present, it tends to become much more challenging to defend. Some examples of forensic evidence are:

  • Specimen collection during medical exams of the alleged victim
  • DNA samples of the defendant or complainant 
  • Samples of personal belongings from the defendant or complainant, i.e. bedding, clothing, jewelry, etc.

The presence of forensic evidence does not necessarily make a conviction an inevitable outcome. One aspect of a successful sex crime attorney is their ability to build strategies that can be utilized to refute or undermine the forensic evidence that the prosecution presents.

Unreliable conclusions from physical exams 

It is common for the prosecution to allege that any signs of genital trauma found on the alleged victim is proof of forced penetration. Though this may be the case, taking this sort of forensic evidence as an unquestionable and viable claim is irresponsible. It is up to a skilled sex crime attorney to weaken the weight of this evidence. 

In cases where forensic evidence is present, it is ideal to find an attorney that will do their own further investigation.

Strategies Attorney Keren Goldenberg uses to handle forensic evidence

The use of an independent expert to examine and analyze evidence is a key part of building a good defense. The experts review that the testing and samples were collected in compliance with legal procedures. Depending on the evidence collected, those experts can be doctors, nurses, or DNA analysts. 

Because Goldenberg and her associate Kayla Fahey do extensive work to investigate the prosecutor’s evidence, they have been able to win cases by calling defense experts as witnesses to testify that:

1) the testing and procedures were improperly conducted; 

2) further testing and procedures should have been done but were not; 

3) the results of the independent testing differed from the Commonwealth’s results; or 

4) the forensic evidence found is not consistent with the theory of prosecution


If you are facing charges, find a sex crime attorney you trust and hire them as soon as possible. The faster you find representation, the better prepared you will be to properly defend your case. If you are in Lowell or Belmont, MA or the surrounding areas, contact the Law Offices of Keren Goldenberg today to schedule your free consultation: 617-431-2701.

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