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Sex offense cases, especially when the alleged victim is a child, are among the toughest to defend. The presumption of the defendant’s guilt is palpable at all times, from the moment of arrest until the trial. A Massachusetts sex crimes lawyer must be aggressive and vigilant from the moment that the accused first appears in a courtroom since bails are routinely set inordinately high, detention periods are gratuitously extended, demands for the defendant’s DNA are unsupported, and potential jurors are biased.  If you have been accused, you need an aggressive Lowell sex crime lawyer. On the worst day of your life, please call me. I can help.

There is a broad range of crimes categorized as sexual offenses in Massachusetts that a sex crime lawyer can help with. These crimes range from the more obvious sex offenses such as rape and indecent assault and battery to lesser known statutes dealing with so-called crimes against the public order, such as open and gross lewdness. Convictions for sex offenses often have intrusive collateral consequences, including registration as a sex offender, classification as a sexually dangerous person, and mandatory submission to GPS monitoring.

In order to properly prepare and try a case before a jury, I carefully investigate the allegations, demand discovery, file motions for third party records, review medical evidence and any other expert testimony that the Commonwealth may try to introduce.

There are many theories of defense that can be presented at trial although the most frequently used defenses to sex offense allegations fall into 3 categories that a skilled Massachusetts sex crimes lawyer may need to address:

  1. It didn’t happen;
  2. It did happen but someone else did it (identification);
  3. All sexual contact was consensual.

When defending a sexual assault allegation, a Massachusetts sex crimes lawyer knows it is important to answer the “why” question on every juror’s mind: why would someone make something like this up? The Commonwealth will typically focus its investigation and its presentation of evidence at trial on the timeframe during which the alleged assault is said to have taken place. While it is critical for me to question, investigate, and analyze the details of the complainant’s allegations about what occurred during the alleged assault, the information needed to answer the jurors’ “why” question will most often be found in questioning, investigating, and analyzing the details of events that happened before and after the alleged assault. When the parties know each other, I look into whether anything happened shortly before the complainant made the accusation, including who the complainant saw or spoke to before making the allegation. I examine the nature of the relationship between the complainant and defendant, and all other people she saw or spoke to around the time that she made the complaint. If you or a loved one needs a sex crime lawyer, please contact me today. I can help.


"I met with a lot of lawyers before hiring Keren. I was falsely accused of rape and she was the only one who didn’t act like I did it. She has done a lot of trials for this type of case and she really knew what she was doing. I was found NOT GUILTY."

In a recent case, I represented a man accused of aggravated rape after his ex-girlfriend accused him of holding her captive in a shed and assaulting and raping her from early evening on a Friday until she escaped Saturday morning. I did my own investigation and uncovered a 911 call from late Friday night in which my client could be heard begging the police to get his ex-girlfriend off of his property because she wouldn’t leave. The detectives and prosecutor assigned to this case did not uncover this important piece of evidence. The jury acquitted him of the aggravated rape.

In another case in which my client was accused of rape of a child, the police failed to investigate another adult male living in the household. I learned that this other man was a registered sex offender and highlighted the police’s failure to investigate him as a possible suspect to the crime. As the trial developed the jury started to suspect that the child’s mother was covering up for this man who was the father of her youngest children. The jury found my client not guilty.

Some sexual assault prosecutions rely heavily on forensic evidence presented by a trained sex crime prosecutor. The alleged victim may have submitted to a medical examination and specimen collection by a trained nurse.  Samples from the complainant, the defendant, and from clothing, bedding or other materials would be analyzed by the crime lab. In order to effectively challenge forensic evidence in sexual assault cases, I have familiarized myself with proper collection and examination techniques, as well as with the power and limitations of DNA evidence.

If you or a loved one is charged with a sexual assault, please contact me, your Lowell and Boston, Massachusetts sex crimes lawyer, for a free consultation.

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