The Best Criminal Defense Attorneys in Boston Win Big Cases

There are certain qualities the best criminal defense attorneys in Boston possess, including deep understanding of the legal process and a proven record of success

The best criminal defense attorneys in Boston are experienced and have a historical record of winning cases for their clients. Keren Goldenberg fits this description, as a criminal defense attorney with more than a dozen years experience. She has practiced law as both a public defender in New York City and Lowell, MA, as well as in her own private practice that serves the counties of Suffolk and Middlesex, Massachusetts. If you or a loved one is in need of the best criminal defense available to you, then contact The Law Offices of Keren Goldenberg now for a free consultation to discuss the specifics of your case. You can schedule your free consultation now by completing our online contact form, or by calling directly: 978-221-2503.

The best criminal defense attorneys in Boston have a history of winning cases

Keren Goldenberg and associates know how to win cases, and they specialize in a wide array of criminal defense law. Legal professionals from from all over, both public and private, contact Keren for expert insight on criminal defense cases. These instances often involve particularly tough crimes to defend, like drug crimes, sex crimes, challenging forensics, or crimes involving mental illness.

In one instance, Keren Goldenberg was able to have a client’s case dropped by using a difficult defense strategy involving the mental health of the accused. According to the Lowell Sun, “Legal experts say a successful defense of not guilty by reason of insanity is rare. The defense is seldom used because it is seldom successful.” Only a truly skilled criminal defense attorney would be able to receive that type of a verdict. Furthermore, here is an example of a review on Keren’s legal representation from Avvo, a top site for finding legal help:

“I did plenty of research on attorneys in my area and after reading many reviews, Keren stuck out. I called and she called me back that same day. We met for my FREE consultation in very short notice and after a short talk I knew Keren was the one. Throughout the whole process she told me I could contact her with any questions anytime. When I did she would ALWAYS respond that same day. Keren was very respectful of my time. Everytime we would talk it was like a weight got lifted off my shoulders. She made sure I always knew what was most likely going to happen on every court date which gave me some sense of security. Keren was very confident when handling my case. She had a very strong argument ready with plenty of back up. I felt very confident in Keren. When it finally came to trail, Keren portrayed to the judge her very strong argument. After the prosecutors’ talked, my case was DISMISSED!!! Before it even went to a full trail! I am so thankful for Keren! I feel as if she did save my life. Keren is an incredible attorney, and an all around great person!”

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If you are looking for the best defense available to you in the Boston area, then contact The Law Offices of Keren Goldenberg

In addition to a record of winning cases, Keren Goldenberg has a strong reputation in the legal community. She has been asked to train and teach attorneys, new and experienced, at conferences from a variety of organizations, including Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education, local bar associations and offices of public defenders.

One specialty of Keren’s criminal defense is with drug crimes. Her knowledge and experience with drug crimes led to her co-authoring a chapter in “Trying Drug Cases in Massachusetts,”  the lawyers’ handbook on representing those accused of drug crimes. To top it off, Keren Goldenberg has been asked to serve as faculty at the Macaronis Institute for Trial and Appellate Advocacy’s Advanced Evidence Skills program and Harvard Law School’s Trial Advocacy Workshop.

If you need effective criminal defense from a proven professional, then contact The Law Offices of Keren Goldenberg today to discuss the specifics of your case during a free consultation. Do not delay in securing the legal guidance you need. Schedule your free consultation now by completing our online contact form, or by calling directly now: 978-221-2503.

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