Attorney Keren Goldenberg Secures Acquittal for Client Accused of Assault by Means of a Dangerous Weapon

Being accused of a violent crime is a serious matter that can result in significant penalties including jail time. Recently, Lowell Massachusetts criminal defense lawyer Keren Goldenberg was able to secure a “not guilty” jury verdict on behalf of a client that was on trial for Assault by Means of a Deadly Weapon. Had her client been convicted, he would have likely been facing jail time and other serious consequences.

Attorney Keren Goldenberg is an aggressive criminal defense lawyer who believes that far too many cases are resolved through the plea bargain process. Because judges and prosecutors know that she is not afraid to take tough cases to trial, her clients receive great plea offers. However, Ms. Goldenberg believes that she can win the case, she will go to trial regardless of a great plea offer. By steadfastly advocating for her clients’ legal rights, Ms. Goldenberg brings her clients’ cases to the best resolution possible.  To schedule a free consultation with a Lowell criminal defense attorney, call our office today at 978-221-2503.

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