No Probable Cause to Issue a Criminal Complaint

Being accused of a crime is a serious matter, regardless of the specific offense of which you are accused. When a person who has been accused of a crime has not been arrested, charges may be brought against him/her through a written application that is heard at a Clerk-Magistrate’s Hearing (which is also known as a Show Cause Hearing.) These hearings present an opportunity to avoid being formally charged and ending up in front of a judge. A skilled defense attorney may be able to convince the Clerk-Magistrate of the court not to issue the criminal complaint either because there was not probable cause to support the charge or because a general continuance is appropriate under the circumstances

This is exactly what Massachusetts criminal defense attorney Keren Goldenberg was able to achieve for a client accused of shoplifting earlier this year. After a lengthy hearing, Ms. Goldenberg convinced the Clerk-Magistrate in Lowell District Court that there was no probable cause to issue a criminal complaint resulting in the entire matter being dropped. Ms. Goldenberg’s client does not even have a record of being charged on her record because the complaint never issued.

Keren Goldenberg is an experienced criminal defense attorney who handles a wide variety of criminal matters and is personally invested in the outcome of every case. To schedule a free consultation with Ms. Goldenberg, call our office today.

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