Lowell District Court Judge Grants Motion to Suppress Gun

The U.S. Constitution and Massachusetts Declaration of Rights place significant limits on the way in which law enforcement and other government actors may search or seize people or property. When these rules are not followed, a judge may rule that any evidence collected during an illegal search or seizure cannot be used as evidence against the accused person whose constitutional rights have been violated. In many cases, keeping key evidence out of court proceedings weakens the prosecution’s case so much that a guilty verdict after trial becomes unlikely. In some cases, the suppression of evidence can force the prosecution to drop the case because they can no longer prove their case at trial. Keren Goldenberg is well-known as an expert on suppression issues and lectures extensively to other lawyers in trainings and Continued Legal Education seminars.

In a recent victory, attorney Keren Goldenberg successfully convinced a judge in the Lowell District Court to suppress a gun that was found tucked in her client’s waistband. Ms. Goldenberg argued that police lacked reasonable suspicion to search her client which made the search constitutionally impermissible. The gun was suppressed and the charges of carrying of a loaded firearm without a Firearms Identification card (FID) and License to Carry (LTC) had to be dismissed. Due to her effective legal advocacy, her client avoided a lengthy mandatory jail sentence.

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