Conspiracy Charges Dismissed Against Criminal Defendant in Lowell

Conspiracy charges are brought forward when the prosecutor alleges that you agreed or planned to commit a crime with at least one other person. This charge is most often seen in in drug cases where multiple people are believed to be part of a drug dealing ring. 

In October of 2015, Keren Goldenberg represented a client who was accused of being part of a drug-related conspiracy. The Lowell Police had been watching a garage from where they believed that drugs were being sold and her client had the misfortune of being in the garage when they executed a search warrant. He had never been spotted in the garage before that night, had not been mentioned in the affidavit for the search warrant, and did not have any drugs or large amounts of money on him. Ms. Goldenberg convinced the judge to dismiss the charges because there was insufficient evidence that he was involved in the operation. The law is clear that mere presence where criminal activity is taking place is not enough to support allegations of involvement in the crime. 

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