Hiring a White Collar Criminal Defense Firm With a Winning Record

If you are facing criminal charges for white collar crimes, you need a white collar defense firm with a winning record on your side. 

White collar crime typically describes fraudulent or criminal activities carried out for financial gain. White collar crime may include embezzlement, insider trading, other types of securities fraud, healthcare, insurance or mortgage fraud, or money laundering. The crimes themselves can be quite complex, as can the consequent legal battles to prove one’s innocence. It is necessary to have an experienced white collar criminal defense firm on your side.


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Possible defenses for white collar crimes

Depending on the charges in question, white collar crimes can involve many state and federal laws and can be charged as both civil and criminal. The possible penalties are many. The good news: so are the possible defenses. Your white collar criminal defense firm’s goal is to aggressively pursue every possible defense for our clients. 


One possible defense strategy is seeking to demonstrate a lack of knowledge or understanding that unlawful activity was taking place. In cases involving multiple actors at multiple levels of an organization, it may be possible to prove that you were unaware of what was taking place, or perhaps lacked the capacity, training or access to understand that criminal acts were taking place.


Another possible defense against charges for white collar crime is to prove a lack of intent. This most commonly comes up in cases of fraud, whereby a defendant unwittingly deceives or misleads a person or entity resulting in the defendant’s undue financial gain and/or a victim’s financial loss. If the prosecution is unable to prove the defendant’s intent to commit fraud, charges may be dropped. 


We can also look at finding holes in the prosecution’s evidence against you. White collar criminal investigations tend to yield lots of complicated evidence. This leaves us with room to poke holes in the prosecution’s evidence and disprove small errors in front of a jury. This tactic can be quite effective.


Finally, we can try to demonstrate your victimhood in some way. This may look like arguing entrapment or coercion took place or finding proof that the victims were also complicit in some type of illegal activity.  

A white collar criminal defense firm for you

A white collar criminal defense firm will help you to understand what is at stake. More importantly, we can help you secure the most favorable available outcome. There are various issues that come up in white collar crime cases that only a seasoned defense firm can handle and having the right white collar criminal defense firm on your side can make or break your case. 


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