Defending Your Rights in Cases of Domestic Violence Self Defense 

How to find the legal representation you deserve today to protect yourself in cases of domestic violence self defense.

Domestic violence is a scary, messy reality for many, and acting out of self defense can be lifesaving for survivors and their loved ones. We believe self defense should protect, not prosecute you. Unfortunately, the differences between self defense and assault are all about context, and it can take a strong defense attorney with experience in domestic violence self defense to help law enforcement understand that context in order to properly differentiate survivor vs. aggressor. 

Mandatory arrest policies and domestic violence self defense

Many states, including Massachusetts, have mandatory arrest policies that require law enforcement to make an arrest if they have cause to suspect any violence has occurred when responding to a call about a domestic dispute. Arrests tend to occur with more frequency when injuries are present, and especially in cases where injuries are present on all parties, or when weapons are present. Mandatory arrest policies increase the likelihood of a dual arrest of both the offender and survivor.  

If you or a loved one are the survivor of domestic violence and are facing assault or other charges for use of self defense, there is hope. Contact the Law Offices of Keren Goldenberg today to discuss the details of your case: online or by phone: 978-221-2503 (Lowell), 617-431-2701 (Belmont).

Navigating the system and advocating for your protection

You have a right to self-protection. If you used whatever means necessary to protect yourself or your loved ones and are concerned about how your self defense reads in a criminal case, you’re not alone. Our teams work closely with experts, advocates and defendants to develop creative and effective legal strategies to secure the best possible outcome for your case. 

The offices of Keren Goldenberg will look at the specifics of your case to determine the best legal strategy to protect you and your loved ones from further criminalization and endangerment. In domestic self defense cases, evidence of prior abuse, evidence of offensive and defensive injuries, evidence pointing to violations of protective orders, prior convictions of assault, and witness statements can all be presented in court to defend your actions.

Contact Keren Goldenberg today. She can help you reclaim power and control as you navigate your case. She and her team will work tirelessly and strategically to ensure you aren’t seen as a perpetrator for using domestic violence self defense in a case of your own abuse. 

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