Why You Need a Federal Crime Attorney On Your Side

Keren Goldenberg is a well-respected federal crime attorney in the Greater Boston Area.

Many criminal acts, such as bank robbery and kidnapping, are crimes at both the state and federal levels. Each court system differs in many ways including the severity of sentencing, as well as the kinds of cases that are seen and how many. Federal crime attorney Keren Goldenberg is licensed to practice in both the Massachusetts federal and state courts, and she understands how to navigate both arenas with dexterity.

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What Constitutes a Federal Crime?

The US Constitution determines which types of cases are heard in federal court. Typically, cases passing through the federal court involve violations of federal or Constitutional law, crimes on federal lands, bankruptcy cases, and cases in which the United States is a party.

Examples of federal crimes Ms. Goldenberg specializes in:

Drug Trafficking  The crime of drug trafficking can be tried in both federal and state courts. If the drugs pass over state lines, the case is more likely to be prosecuted as a federal offense. 

The difference between distributing and trafficking drugs is the quantity or weight of the drugs. Once a certain weight limit is reached, the charges hugely increase in severity. Federal investigators may target minor actors in distribution networks with the intent to gain information about a wider drug conspiracy.

All drug charges in Massachusetts federal and state courts are severe. The consequences of conviction far exceed the probationary consequences such as loss of one’s driver’s license, ineligibility for public housing, and immigration ramifications. 

Keren Goldenberg knows Massachusetts drug law down to the letter. She even co-authored a chapter in Trying Drug Cases in Massachusetts, which is the lawyers’ handbook for representing clients accused of drug crimes. 

To fully protect yourself, you can trust in the aggressive and knowledgeable federal crime attorney Keren Goldenberg.

Child Pornography — You might be surprised to find out that “sexting” among high schoolers could put your son or daughter in danger of arrest for child pornography. Even if, for example, an underage girl took a nude selfie for her 18-year-old boyfriend — it would still count as child pornography. 

If said boyfriend were to pass that image around among friends at school, he could be charged with dissemination of child pornography under Massachusetts General Laws chapter 272 section 29B. The mandatory minimum prison sentence for this charge is ten years, with a range of up to twenty years.

Unlike some other states, Massachusetts does not have any separate laws to account for scenarios involving young people passing sexually graphic images and videos among themselves. Hiring federal crime attorney Keren Goldenberg could protect the young person in your life from felony convictions and sex offender registration.

Federal Crime Attorney Keren Goldenberg Is Here for You

Ms. Goldenberg regularly handles cases in the federal courts in Boston and Worcester and in the superior and district courts in Lowell, Ayer, Woburn, Waltham, Somerville, Cambridge, Lawrence, Boston, and surrounding areas.

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