Keren Goldenberg is the Criminal Lawyer Lowell MA Residents Choose

5 Reasons why Keren Golden is the criminal lawyer Lowell MA residents trust

Choosing an attorney to represent you in your criminal defense is not a decision to be taken lightly. If you or someone you love are facing criminal charges, the overwhelm and panic can often force rash decisions — the assumption being that any defense is better than no defense. However, a poor defense can lead to unnecessary plea deals, mishandling of witnesses, and even lack of transparency with the client. But when looking for a criminal lawyer Lowell MA residents go with the Law Offices of Keren Goldenberg. This trusted legal practice has years of experience and legal victories. Do not hesitate to contact us online or call for a free consultation: 617-431-2701.

Here are five of the principal reasons Keren Goldenberg and Kayla Fahey will provide the best possible defense for your case. 

A private criminal defense lawyer with experience as a public defender

Prior to her private practice, Keren Goldenberg served as a public defender in Massachusetts. In her years as a public defender, Goldenberg fought some of the most challenging cases of her career. That spirit of fighting for justice for each of her clients has carried over in private practice. Prosecutors and judges are familiar with her aggressive and successful defense strategies which have earned her a reputation as a hard-working and aggressive defense lawyer.

Extensive investigations

Evidence that is submitted by the prosecution is the same evidence police used to warrant the legal arrest of an individual. In order to take someone into custody, the evidence against them must be clear cut and show enough cause for the arrest. However, oftentimes other evidence may be overlooked if it may compromise the arrest. Goldenberg and Fahey always hire a licensed investigator to help uncover anything that may lead to their clients’ acquittal. You can read more about Goldenberg’s successes with an experienced investigator here. If you’re searching for a criminal lawyer in Lowell, MA, trust that no others have as thorough and diligent a reputation as Goldenberg and Kahey. 

Handling expert witnesses

Goldenberg has extensive experience in handling expert witnesses that the prosecution calls on to testify against the accused. Her successful cross-examination and use of strategic defense witnesses have earned her the reputation of being an expert beyond just the network of criminal lawyers in Lowell, MA. Goldenberg has lectured about examining drug chemists in front of the Committee for Public Counsel Services, Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education, Middlesex Defense Attorneys, and the Greater Lowell Bar Association.

Understands the importance of suppression

An alleged criminal’s confession or incriminating evidence does not necessarily mean they should be found guilty of the crime. For example, an illegal police search and evidence seizure cannot be used against a defendant in court. Goldenberg has successfully won cases based on getting illegally obtained evidence and compromised confessions suppressed. She is well-known for her expertise on this subject and has widely lectured other criminal defense lawyers about it.

Honest and transparent with clients

Goldenberg is clear and transparent with her clients about managing their expectations. She prioritizes the needs of her clients, offers an informed sense of what to expect, and will never advise her client to accept a plea deal if it is not in their best interest.  

The criminal lawyer Lowell MA residents and beyond choose

The Law Offices of Keren Goldenberg are ready to help you. Goldenberg and Fahey will diligently and effectively work on your case. Whether you are looking for a criminal lawyer in Lowell, MA or somewhere in the area, Goldenberg and Fahey can provide aggressive legal representation in any of the following areas:

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