How Lawyers for Sexual Assault Cases Build Their Defense

An overview of how lawyers for sexual assault cases build winning defenses for their clients

Sex crime charges include a large array of offenses. Any time an individual faces criminal charges related to sexual offenses, it carries with it shame and an emotional burden for the alleged perpetrator and their loved ones as well. Lawyers for sexual assault cases know that their clients are often presumed guilty by society, the court system, judges, and juries before any trial is even underway. This is why it is crucial to hire an aggressive and experienced attorney to handle the defense case if you or someone you love is charged with a sex crime. 

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Lawyers for sexual assault cases and the foundational theories

Attorneys must build a defense around a foundational theory that they weave into the narrative of their argument. Lawyers of sexual assault cases will build the argument specific to their client, however, most defenses fall under 3 categories

  1. It didn’t happen;
  2. It did happen but someone else did it (identification);
  3. All sexual contact was consensual.

These defenses will inform how evidence, witness examination, and narratives are constructed. They inform the narrative offered to a jury, should the case go to trial. 

Extensive investigation

An experienced attorney for sexual assault cases knows that one cannot solely rely on the evidence and testimonies submitted by the prosecution. Keren Goldenberg and her associate, Kayla Fahey, are highly successful at getting acquittals for their clients by conducting additional investigations with an experienced professional. They use private investigators to discover what happened before and after the alleged sex crime, in addition to investigating the incident itself.

Thorough understanding of forensic use

Cases with forensic evidence can be very challenging to win. However, there is room for forensic error and mishandling. If you are facing criminal charges in which forensic evidence may be used against you, it’s important that you have a lawyer that can hire an experienced professional to examine the forensic evidence on your behalf.

This particular aspect of legal defense is something that Goldenberg has extensive experience with. Her effectiveness can be attributed to her commitment to educating herself with the procedural techniques for evidence collection and the legal limitations and implications of DNA evidence.

Innocent until proven guilty

This idiom is widely known and used, but it is unfortunately not always true. Lawyers for sexual assault cases know that both the legal community and the alleged perpetrator’s community will be quick to write them off as guilty. It is the attorney’s duty and responsibility to properly review the case, offer transparent and honest opinions to their client, and operate from the fundamental belief that the defense should not be based on what is most convenient or easiest, but what is best for their client. 

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