Keren lectures Lowell lawyers on minimizing the consequences of district court sentences

Attorney Keren Goldenberg lectured defense attorney from the Greater Lowell Bar Association and Middlesex Defense Attorneys about sentencing enhancements and other considerations when negotiating pleas and sentences in the state district court. What appears to be a good resolution in district court can have terrible consequences if the client later faces charges in the superior or federal courts. By sharing information about enhancements like the Armed Career Criminal Act, Career Offender designation, and explaining relevant idiosyncrasies of federal sentencing guidelines, lawyers in the state district courts can better represent their clients and hopefully avoid disaster should the client ever face more serious charges.

Attorney Goldenberg is regularly invited to present at Continuing Legal Education courses and is always ready to share her knowledge and expertise. Keren believes that all defense attorney are working towards the same goal of minimizing the harm that the criminal legal system does to our clients and dedicates considerable time to help other lawyers obtain better results.