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Keren Goldenberg is known for her experience as a criminal defense attorney that has defended some of the most critical criminal cases in Massachusetts. During her start as a public defender, she handled some of the toughest cases in New York City and Lowell, Massachusetts, and this experience has helped her in her role as a criminal defense lawyer. Keren Goldenberg is known for always working hard for her clients in even the most challenging situations. She has the respect of her clients and her peers alike, which she earned through her compassion, kindness, and her exemplary work ethic. She is not afraid to handle even the most serious of charges or the most challenging of circumstances. That is why, if you require a top criminal lawyer in the Boston area, see how the Law Offices of Keren Goldenberg can help you. Contact us today discuss your case during a free consultation:  617-431-2701.

Why You Need a Dedicated Defense Attorney

Having a dedicated and knowledgeable defense attorney is crucial in any criminal case. Having someone that is well-informed and committed can help you fight for results that include: lessening your conviction, helping you receive a not guilty ruling, or even leading to a plea bargain. The critical component to these outcomes is finding a top criminal lawyer that will work for you, address your needs, and create the right game plan for your case.

Attorney Keren Goldenberg is known as an attorney with many years of experience in her field of law and someone that is also very passionate about defending very high stakes criminal cases. Her proven strategies include consistently being at the forefront of the latest criminal cases, forensic techniques, and understanding the ever-changing laws.

Through her many years of representing individuals accused of crimes, she realizes that too many cases are pled out when the option of going to trial is the more appropriate choice. Her commitment that her clients get the best representation helps drive her zealous advocacy work. Keren Goldenberg understands what is at stake for her clients and knows how stressful criminal cases can be; that is why it is her mission to make her clients always feel supported and in control of their case at each step of the way. At the same time, she also wants to help guide her clients through the whole court process and make sure they understand all their options. These are the values Ms. Goldenberg has brought to her law firm, and why hiring the Law Offices of Keren Goldenberg will provide you with the resources you need while helping you maintain your integrity during this difficult time.

In need of top criminal defense? Contact us today to discuss the details of your case: 617-431-2701

Keren Goldenberg – Super Lawyer

Keren Goldenberg is an immensely respected attorney in the Boston area and is known for her active and passionate representation of her clients. With her countless years of service, Ms. Goldenberg has been continuously recognized for her professionalism through her Super Lawyers designation, as well as her prestigious recognition of being honored as a Top 10 Massachusetts Attorney for Criminal Defense by the National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys. Ms. Goldenberg is not only known for her incredible achievements, but she is also known for her extensive grasp of criminal law. This knowledge has made her the attorney that other defense lawyers contact when they have difficult questions they need assistance with.

When Ms. Goldenberg is not representing clients, she is usually found teaching and training public defenders and private lawyers that want to improve their criminal defense skills. She is known for her proficiency in a wide range of legal topics, including drug cases. With her dedication and her diligence, it is no wonder Ms. Goldenberg is the top criminal lawyer you turn to when you need someone to defend your rights, your future, and your freedom.

Get the Attention Your Case Deserves

When freedom is at stake, and you stand to lose everything, you need a committed and devoted attorney that will do everything to build a tenacious game plan around your case. That is why you need the Law Offices of Keren Goldenberg: top criminal attorneys who will work tirelessly on your case and give it the attention it deserves. Don’t wait any longer – contact us today: 617-431-2701.

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