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Have you been accused of a sex crime? It’s time to be proactive about your defense and enlist the aid of the best sexual assault defense lawyers in the Boston area

The Law Offices of Keren Goldenberg can help you figure out where you stand now and where you can go from here concerning your case. This is a very scary and confusing time and the outcome will affect the rest of your life. You need someone experienced in state and federal criminal laws and procedures in your corner fighting for you, no matter what the case entails. You need the best sexual assault defense lawyers.

Ms. Goldenberg is a Super Lawyer who believes that we are all humans who make mistakes. She is ready to help you fight for your rights and your life. She will stop at nothing to get you the best results available.

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Nature of Sex Offenses

Sex offenses are the toughest crimes to defend and the accused is always seen as guilty by the public as soon as a finger is pointed their way. Your defense must be aggressive, quick, and vigilant from day one. Bail is almost always set very high and detentions are often extended past what they would be for any other crime. It is imperative to have the best sexual assault defense lawyers by your side during this time to get you out of jail as quickly as possible.

Jurors are immediately biased once they hear the nature of the crime. The media gets involved quickly and dramatically. Your name, picture, and address are suddenly printed everywhere and available to anyone. The incident can even make national and international news. This can easily become the worst time of your life and not knowing what can happen is torture. 

Sex Offenses and Sentences

Sentences will vary based on the details of the supposed crime. Registering as a sex offender in Massachusetts is a mandatory penalty for the majority of the following crimes.  

  • Rape – All rape is considered violent and a person can be sentenced from five to fifteen years in prison. 
  • Statutory Rape – Statutory rape is sex between an adult and a person aged sixteen or seventeen. Imprisonment can last from two years to life, depending on the severity of the particular crime.
  • Child Molestation – Child molestation is any sexual relationship with a child under 16. The maximum sentence is life imprisonment and no less than fifteen years.
  • Sexual Abuse and Battery – Imprisonment can last anywhere from five to ten years.
  • Lewd Exposure – The penalty for lewd and indecent exposure is up to two years in prison. 
  • Child Pornography – A person can be sentenced anywhere from five to twenty years 
  • Prostitution – A person can be sentenced up to a year in prison.
  • Any of the above crimes occurring on the internet or perpetrated by an authority figure carry extra charges and penalties.

Imprisoned offenders must complete two-thirds of their sentences before they are eligible for probation. Any of the crimes can carry a fine as well as the mandatory court costs.

What Can Keren Goldenberg Do For Me? 

Keren Goldenberg understands what the jury wants to know in these crimes. They want to know why someone would make up a story of sexual assault. Ms. Goldenberg will look at every aspect of your case and study every person and relationship involved to answer the question. She knows Massachusetts law and she uses everything she can to make sure you are treated fairly. 

Super Lawyer Keren Goldenberg is an experienced trial lawyer in both state and federal courts ready to fight for you, your rights, and your dignity. She promises to communicate with you about the entire process and explain anything that you don’t understand. Your rights are important to her and she will keep prosecutors and public officials from surpassing those rights. 

Law seems like a quagmire in a labyrinth and Ms. Goldenberg is the perfect person to call in your time of need. If you are looking for an experienced, tough, and compassionate attorney, if you are looking for the best sexual assault defense lawyer, then check out her biography and contact us for a consultation on your case. This is the best decision you will ever make.

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