Not Guilty on domestic assault charges

Kayla Fahey successfully defended her client at trial facing serious domestic charges including: Domestic Assault and Battery, Kidnapping and Strangulation. The prosecution presenting testimony from her client’s ex-girlfriend, who claimed to be the victim of these crimes, and a separate witness. Attorney Fahey, through rigorous cross examination, was able to convince the jury to find her client not guilty on all charges.

It is important to hire an attorney that is not afraid of trying a case, even when the accusations are serious. This client was previously told that his case was a dead loser. However, upon taking over the case, Attorney Fahey engaged an investigator who was able to discover new evidence and inconsistencies in the witnesses’ stories. Attorney Fahey confronted the witnesses on the stand and even used the police officer who investigated the case to discredit the ex-girlfriend through her inconsistent statements.

The jury in the Lowell District Court rightfully acquitted Attorney Fahey’s client on all charges .