Client’s probation terminated early

Today I convinced a judge in the Middlesex Superior Court to terminate my client’s probation two years prior to its scheduled termination date. I emphasized that she had completed the conditions set forth for probation, had secured a full time job, and had never had any violations of the terms of her probation. My argument was that she was no longer in need of supervision by the probation officer whose energy would be better spent supervising probationers who were struggling. The judge agreed to terminate her probation early because she was doing so well.

Probationers in the superior court have the right to request early termination once they have passed the halfway mark of their probation term. A spotless probation history is necessary to convince a judge that no more supervision is necessary or beneficial. Probation terms are typically 2-3 years in length in the superior court so probationers who have been given longer terms of probation should consider requesting early termination with the assistance of an attorney if they have not run into any problems while on probation. If you would like to discuss the early termination of probation please contact my office for a consultation.