In Need of Criminal Defense? Boston, MA is Home to Top Options

The Law Offices of Keren Goldenberg is the right destination for you if you are looking for criminal defense; Boston & Lowell residents take notice

People accused of crimes require outstanding representation. A guilty conviction has significant consequences, including substantial fines, jail time, and an uncertain future.

Do you need top criminal defense? Boston and Lowell residents should consider the Law Offices of Keren Goldenberg, which has been responsible for winning criminal cases for clients for almost 15 years. Receive a free consultation today by contacting the firm through our online form, or by calling directly now: 617-431-2701.

Understanding criminal defense: Boston’s top options have relevant experience

The best criminal defense lawyers are not new in the profession. They have years of experience and a resume that includes winning cases. In addition to managing an aggressive defense strategy in your favor, the top criminal defense will do the following for you:

  • Provide you with a realistic understanding of criminal defense. Boston defense attorneys at the top of their profession understand state and federal laws, and can share objective outlooks and insights on how the case is going. This is helpful for the client so they feel more knowledgeable about the court process and can make well-informed decisions when applicable.
  • Negotiate alternative sentencing when it is the best option. Top criminal defense lawyers will always work in your best interests. This includes negotiating for plea bargains and alternative sentences when the case cannot be dismissed or won outright. This will help the client receive the most-accommodating sentence possible.
  • Include experts and investigators in the case. Experienced criminal defense lawyers have a long list of professionals who they can rely on for assistance with a case. Exception private investigators are necessary to interview prosecution witnesses and find helpful witnesses that the police may have missed or ignored. Expert witnesses, such as psychologists, chemists, toxicologists, and medical doctors get called in to review and rebut the prosecution’s evidence. By poking whole in the prosecution’s evidence, a jury may find that the prosecution has not proved its case beyond a reasonable doubt.
  • Bring confidence and clarity to the legal situation. The best criminal defense lawyers have great presentation skills, know the law, are creative in their trial strategy, and have significant trial experience. Criminal cases move quickly so it is important to have an exceptional lawyer from the beginning. 

Are you in need of criminal defense? Boston and surrounding areas are served by the Law Offices of Keren Goldenberg. Contact us for a free consultation today: 617-431-2701.

In need of the best criminal defense? Boston-area residents need to contact the Law Offices of Keren Goldenberg today

Do not put off hiring a criminal defense attorney if you have been charged with a crime, or if you believe you will be charged with a crime soon. Having an experienced defense lawyer on your side as soon as possible can be the difference between a conviction and your freedom.

The Law Offices of Keren Goldenberg is experienced in handling the toughest, most emotionally-draining cases that exist in criminal defense. Goldenberg’s legal expertise has allowed her to develop a strong reputation, as lawyers from all over the state contact her for her guidance on forensics, mental health defenses, and drug cases.

Contact the Law Offices of Keren Goldenberg today for a free consultation to discuss the specifics of your criminal case. You can schedule your free consultation online, or call the firm directly now: 617-431-2701.