Attorney Keren Goldenberg Successfully Suppresses Confession to Armed Robbery and Case is Dismissed

The right against self-incrimination is fundamental in criminal prosecutions. Any person who is interrogated must be properly explained his “Miranda rights” and his statements must made voluntarily. If either of these requirements are not satisfied, his statements should not be used against him in court. 

Recently, Keren Goldenberg was able to suppress a confession to a masked armed robbery made by a mentally ill client who was off of his medication and decompensating dramatically at the time of his interrogation. Because of Ms. Goldenberg’s experience as a criminal defense lawyer, she immediately recognized the suppression issue when she first met her client the day after his arrest. He was sent to a hospital for evaluation and she quickly hired a psychologist to evaluate before his medication restored his functioning. Because the psychologist met with her client so soon after his arrest, he  was able to give compelling testimony the suppression hearing about how disoriented and confused the client was at the time that he made the confession to police. The motion to suppress was allowed which meant that the confession was thrown out leaving the prosecution with insufficient evidence to prove the case against her client. As a result the prosecutor had to dismiss the case. As this case illustrates, it is important for anyone accused of a crime to work with an experienced criminal defense attorney, even if it seems like the prosecution has extremely strong case

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