We’re One of the Top Criminal Lawyers in Massachusetts – Here’s Why

Hiring from among the top criminal lawyers can make all the difference when it comes to defending your rights and safeguarding your future.   


Top criminal lawyers can be the difference between a bright future and some very uncomfortable consequences. Facing criminal charges can be very unsettling. You don’t want to face them alone – and you shouldn’t. A top Massachusetts criminal defense lawyer can help you navigate your charges and come up with the right strategy to protect your future. 

If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges, contact the top criminal lawyers at the Law Offices of Keren Goldenberg today to discuss the details of your case: online or by phone: 978-221-2503 (Lowell), 617-431-2701 (Belmont).

What sets top criminal lawyers apart

When you are faced with criminal charges, your defense lawyer is your lifeline. Who you choose to hire can be the difference between a bright future and potentially devastating consequences. Top criminal lawyers deliver winning strategies. Here’s what sets them apart. 


Top criminal lawyers have a winning track record. Criminal defense is hard and the best defense lawyer knows how to fight tough battles. Every court system is different, and hiring a trial-tested Massachusetts criminal defense lawyer with winning experience in your local courts is a huge competitive advantage. 


It takes a resourceful criminal defense lawyer to craft a powerful defense. The best lawyers use their understanding of the law and the details of your case to strategize how best to tap into available resources to find holes in the prosecution’s arguments. Top criminal lawyers can navigate complex cases and will look for actionable findings at every turn. They know what evidence to pursue, what witnesses to call, and what laws to cite to most effectively defend your rights. 


The prosecution has a number of advantages over the defense in a criminal case. While effective criminal defense takes skill and experience, it also takes persistence to stand up against relentless prosecutors and unforgiving judges. The best lawyers are committed to finding ways to pivot and persist through every new challenge. 

Excellent communication skills

Criminal defense lawyers need to be able to communicate effectively with a judge, jury, district attorney, possible witnesses, and you. With the best lawyers, you will feel heard, you will understand what your options are and what’s at stake every step of the way, and you will feel confident that the person representing you requires the communication skills to do so effectively. 

Hire your defense today 

Top criminal lawyers possess all of the above qualities. They are also always prepared. If you need a defense firm on your side, our experienced attorneys can help. Contact us today to schedule a free, confidential phone consultation with one of our trial-tested Massachusetts criminal defense lawyers. 

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