Finding the Best Criminal Appeals Attorney in Massachusetts

Finding the best criminal appeals attorney is a good first step to understanding your options for relief from the criminal justice system.   

There are a number of ways a criminal appeals attorney can help you if you have been convicted of a crime. They help individuals who have been convicted of a crime seek relief from the criminal justice system. An attorney may review the trial court’s activities, including transcripts of statements and documents presented as evidence, to find proof of legal error. Winning an appeal is very challenging, but an experienced criminal appeals attorney can help. 

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A quick look at criminal appeals

At trial, the prosecution has to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt in order to convict the defendant of a crime. Once convicted, there may be an opportunity for the convicted party to appeal. 

A criminal appeals attorney can help the appealing party file a brief asking for a review of the trial record. It is challenging after a conviction is made to present new evidence to the courts, but there is precedent for review of the trial record, including transcripts and documents presented as evidence. 

When appeals are not possible, there are more extraordinary measures that your attorney can take. These include helping the convicted party navigate writs and habeas corpus, both of which help the convicted party challenge the legal basis of their sentence.

How to win a criminal appeal

Following conviction, the burden is on the convicted party and their attorney to prove that an egregious error was made in trial that affects the convicted party’s rights in a serious way. Examples of egregious error include coerced false testimony or confession. 

Another opportunity for successful appeal is when a sentence falls outside of normal sentencing guidelines for a similar crime. If you feel a serious error was made in your criminal case, contact a criminal appeals attorney right away to discuss the details of your case and your best strategies for winning an appeal. 

Hiring the best criminal appeals attorney 

There are always options to minimize the impact of a criminal conviction on your life and future.  When you need help, our experienced attorneys can review your case and help you fight for a more favorable outcome. Don’t lose hope. Contact us today to schedule a free, confidential phone consultation with a trial-tested Massachusetts criminal appeals attorney. 

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