Defending Your Case with a Winning Female Criminal Defense Attorney

When the stakes are too high to lose, hire a female criminal defense attorney with a proven track record to get the job done.

Being the subject of a criminal investigation can be distressing. If you are facing criminal charges or fear you may face charges, a trial-tested female criminal defense attorney should be one of your first calls. Let us help protect your future and achieve the favorable outcome you deserve. 

If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges, contact the Law Offices of Keren Goldenberg today to discuss the details of your case: online or by phone: 978-221-2503 (Lowell), 617-431-2701 (Belmont).

How We Win Your Case

The number one reason why you should hire a female criminal defense attorney is that we win. It’s an unfortunate reality that in a male-dominated field, women attorneys have to work hard to outperform their male counterparts to achieve career advancement. This is the case in nearly every area of practice and the experience is a huge competitive advantage. A woman-led practice like ours is the result of many years of effective tenacity and proven success. We have seen it all and we know how to achieve desired outcomes for our clients.  

Fighting spirit 

Given our years of trial success, prosecutors know we are prepared and unafraid to take a case to trial. This fighting spirit is what fuels our decision to hire private investigators to carry out independent investigations in defense of our clients’ interests, it is also what puts us at an advantage in pre-trial negotiations with the district attorney. Our willingness to take your case all the way puts us in a position to achieve positive outcomes, whether that be a good plea offer or a dismissed case. 

Finding the details

Criminal defense is nuanced and much of our success as defense attorneys lies in the details. Just because a crime was committed does not mean a person will be charged for that crime. Our female criminal defense attorneys understand that suppression matters. We know the law and we know where to look to find errors that undermine evidence used against you. 

Emotional intelligence matters

The importance of emotional intelligence in criminal defense cannot be overstated. Having emotional intelligence and a strong presence enables a criminal defense attorney to effectively cross-examine expert witnesses, to read the room, to understand what is driving the prosecution’s strategy, and to provide better service to you. 

Speak with a Female Criminal Defense Attorney Today

The female criminal defense attorneys who make it into the courtroom have stood the test of time and tough wins. You are in control when it comes to choosing a criminal defense lawyer and we are ready to meet with you to see how we can help you win your case. Contact the offices of Keren Goldenberg today for a free consultation. 

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