Hiring the Right Domestic Violence Defense Attorney

How to find the domestic violence defense attorney you deserve and protect yourself against domestic violence charges.

Domestic violence charges are some of the most sensitive and serious a person can face and hiring an experienced domestic violence defense attorney is essential to protecting your future. Domestic life is complicated, and we believe that every individual deserves to have their future protected and their rights defended in court. 

Beyond the usual stresses of any criminal accusation, allegations of domestic violence carry the additional weight of a family or household’s private personal affairs becoming a matter of public attention and investigation. 

If you or a loved one are facing charges, hire a domestic violence defense attorney who will approach your case with the necessary sensitivity and expertise to defend you and help you win a favorable outcome. 

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What’s at stake in a domestic violence defense case

Massachusetts mandatory arrest policies require law enforcement to make an arrest if they have cause to suspect any violence has occurred when responding to a call about a domestic dispute, even if the dispute has calmed down by the time of their arrival. As a result, police are trained to make arrests in a majority of their responses to calls about domestic violence. 

Intimate partner and family violence is treated seriously by Massachusetts prosecutors. After an arrest, the accused can expect prosecutors to act aggressively to convict them, even in the event a witness to the supposed offense decides not to prosecute their loved one, and even using hearsay and 911 call transcripts as evidence against the accused. A conviction can have very serious repercussions for an accused person’s reputation and future, which is why we believe it’s imperative you hire a domestic violence defense attorney who will defend your case aggressively.

In Massachusetts, there are multiple levels of charges for domestic violence ranging from misdemeanor to felony offenses. Penalties range from two to 10 years in prison with hefty fines, not to mention the resulting reputational damage that can play out in various ways, causing harm to multiple areas of a person’s life for many years. Proven allegations of domestic violence can be used in divorce proceedings, custody battles and other situations, such as employment, in which a person’s reputation might be in question. Hiring an experienced domestic violence defense attorney is a matter of protecting your future.

Securing the right support 

Domestic violence is a tragic situation for everyone involved and we know how devastating a conviction can be to your future. Our domestic violence defense attorney teams are experienced in exploring all possible avenues to bring your case to a close without conviction and will handle your case with appropriate sensitivity.

 The offices of Keren Goldenberg are experienced in the rules of evidence and will look at the specifics of your case to determine the best legal strategy to protect you and your loved ones from further criminalization. 

Call Keren Goldenberg today. A conviction for assault can have serious consequences that follow you into the rest of your life. Our goal is to help you get your case dismissed or reduced to prevent a life-altering conviction from getting in between your future and you. 

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