How to Decide Between Domestic Violence Defense Attorneys

Some domestic violence defense attorneys rise above the rest

Domestic violence is commonly understood as spousal abuse — but there’s more to it than that. Criminal acts of abuse committed by one family member or housemate against another also qualify as domestic violence issues. Accusations of domestic violence can come at the most turbulent of times in people’s lives. You may already be under the stress of a divorce or parenting a child on your own. Whatever your circumstance, attorney Keren Goldenberg is ready to offer a compassionate ear and craft an excellent defense.

Attorney Goldenberg’s unique breadth of experience sets her apart from other domestic violence defense attorneys in Eastern Massachusetts. Schedule a free consultation today, online or by phone: 978-221-2503 (Lowell), or 617-431-2701 (Belmont). 

What to look for in domestic violence defense attorneys

Diversity of Experience

Domestic violence charges range from misdemeanors to felonies and can be adjudicated in state or federal court. Attorney Keren Goldenberg is experienced in both arenas, and she has an abundance of five-star client reviews to show for it. For updates on attorney Goldenberg’s recent wins, follow this link.

Unlike many other domestic violence defense attorneys, Keren Goldenberg has twelve years of experience as a public defender. In that role, Goldenberg made a name for herself as a relentless advocate for the rights of the accused. In 2015, she opened her own criminal defense practice: The Law Offices of Keren Goldenberg.

Professional Acclaim

Awards and distinctions are an important tool for clients to gauge a lawyer’s excellence and trustworthiness. Due to her caliber of service, attorney Goldenberg has been named:

Acclaim for attorney Goldenberg includes her reputation as an expert in criminal defense. Fellow domestic violence defense attorneys seek her out for counsel on their cases.

Commitment to Keeping You Informed

Attorney Goldenberg makes sure all of her clients have a firm grasp of defense strategies and possible outcomes for their cases. In the words of one satisfied client, “Throughout the whole process, [attorney Goldenberg] told me I could contact her with any questions anytime. When I did, she would ALWAYS respond that same day. Keren was very respectful of my time.”

Attorney Goldenberg also values approachability. As one client put it, “Keren was extremely easy to talk to, very nice, and clearly very knowledgeable in her line of work.” He added, “We went into court today with confidence, and left with the case dismissed.”

Goldenberg stands out among defense lawyers

Domestic violence is a serious charge. If your freedom and financial security are threatened by the possibility of jail time and fines, you need the best defense available. Put your future in the hands of one of the highest-rated domestic violence defense attorneys in Massachusetts — Keren Goldenberg.

Attorney Goldenberg represents clients in courts throughout the Greater Boston Area, north of Boston, and Metrowest Boston. For a free consultation, contact the Law Offices of Keren Goldenberg online or call the numbers listed below.


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