Why an Adult Might Need a Juvenile Defense Attorney

Juvenile defense attorney Keren Goldenberg explains what to do when facing juvenile complaints as an adult 

Sexual assault accusations from your adolescence can surprise you in adulthood. In fact, the majority of juvenile complaints against adults are sexual assault accusations. It is important to keep in mind that juveniles convicted of sexual assault end up on the same sex offender registry as adults. Both are listed as “child sex offenders.” Having that public charge can drastically limit personal liberty, freedom of movement, and job opportunities. If you or a loved one are seeking representation for a case like this, waste no time — call on the steadfast legal aid of juvenile defense attorney Keren Goldenberg. 

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Prepare Your Defense Early

If you are an adult accused of sexual assault committed in your youth, it is worth noting that not all criminal charges go to trial. However, even if an allegation has not been reported to the police, it could be. To protect yourself, do not respond in any way to the accusation — especially not to police. Reach out to experienced juvenile defense attorney Keren Goldenberg to prepare a defense in the case of an evidentiary hearing.

During an evidentiary hearing, a prosecutor reviews the accusation and determines if there is sufficient evidence to start a criminal case. Despite the challenges faced by people accused of juvenile sexual assault, Attorney Goldenberg consistently wins positive outcomes for her clients. In one successful case, Goldenberg was able to get a case dismissed with the aid of testimony given by a forensic psychologist with expertise in sex offender risk assessment.

Other grounds for dismissal include:

  • Lack of probable cause
  • Improper filing of criminal complaint
  • Lack or loss of evidence to prove defendant committed the crime
  • The statute of limitations has expired

In order to determine whether the statute of limitations has expired for your case, juvenile defense attorney Keren Goldenberg needs some background information, including:

  • The year the alleged incident took place
  • The age of the alleged victim at the time of the incident
  • Whether her client has moved out of state during the time since the alleged incident

The statute of limitations is lengthy in cases like these. The reason being, children and teens can be slow to disclose sexual abuse. While there is some rationale behind this, the law overlooks the age of alleged juvenile offenders. The paradox is that, by law, children cannot consent to sexual behavior due to their lack of maturity and brain development — and yet, juvenile offenders are not given the same consideration.

You Want Juvenile Defense Attorney Keren Goldenberg on Your Side

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