How a Sexual Assault Attorney Can Work For You

The Law Offices of Keren Goldenberg offers you a checklist for what to look for in a sexual assault attorney.

There is a sea of options when looking for a sexual assault attorney to represent you or a loved one in a sex offense case. Picking the right representation can be difficult, but it is absolutely essential to bettering your outcomes in court.

A sexual assault conviction, no matter how serious, can follow you through the rest of your life. Not only can a conviction strain your relationships, but it can also land you on a lifetime registry of sex offenders. The registry is public record and is therefore visible to neighbors and employers. It could affect future job opportunities and living situations. It could also cost you decades of your life spent in prison. That is why it is imperative to get an adept and experienced lawyer on your side as early as possible.

The guide below is strictly informational and is not intended as legal counsel. Only a legal team who fully understands your specific case is capable of offering you legal advice.

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How does Massachusetts define sexual assault?

“Sexual assault” is an umbrella term covering a wide range of criminal acts. In Massachusetts, sexual assault is defined as sexualized touching or penetration which is forced or coerced — this can range from unwanted kissing and groping to rape.

Overall, acts of sexual assault fit into two categories: indecent assault and battery (as described above), and aggravated sexual assault. If the victim requires medical attention for injuries resulting from an indecent assault, then the charge is elevated to aggravated sexual assault.

No matter the gravity of the act, there are certain qualities you will want to look for in a sexual assault attorney.

Essential qualities of a sexual assault attorney

1. An effective sexual assault attorney keeps their client informed every step of the way.

You should feel comfortable voicing your questions and concerns to your attorney. Keren Goldenberg makes sure that her clients not only receive patient, thorough, and prompt answers to their questions but also ensures they are well-informed about what to expect in the courtroom. Goldenberg’s extensive trial experience allows her to explain and prepare her clients for all possible outcomes.

2. A sexual assault attorney should be compassionate and personable.

What you often find when looking up a “sexual assault attorney” are lawyers who represent claimants of sexual abuse. Defendants also deserve resolute representation, especially from someone who will take the time to understand their case. Attorney Keren Goldenberg is not here to make judgments about you. She’s here to protect your rights and your future.

3. Find an attorney with an aggressive approach.

Because there is so much on the line in a sexual assault case, a Massachusetts sex crimes lawyer has to utilize every tool available. DNA evidence, for example, is frequently relied upon in sexual assault cases. As such, Keren Goldenberg has familiarized herself with proper collection and examination techniques, as well as with the power and limitations of DNA evidence in order to effectively challenge forensic evidence in sexual assault cases. When appropriate, Goldenberg also employs her own team of forensic experts, doctors, and nurses to review the testing and compliance with procedures.

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