Sex Offender Attorney on How to Handle Criminal Charges

Top sex offender attorney provides an overview of how to defend sex crime charges

In 2019, Massachusetts saw an increase in sexual offenses, specifically rape. This increase is largely attributed to the #metoo movement generating support and encouragement for victims to come forward. Nevertheless, with an increase of accusations, there is inevitably an increase in the demand for an experienced sex offender attorney. 

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Sexual offense convictions are taken very seriously in Massachusetts. Aside from jail time and fines, if found guilty, you may also be required to register as a sex offender. This can have a profoundly negative impact on your life and on your family. One of Boston’s top sex offender attorneys, Keren Goldenberg has the experience and knowledge to effectively navigate sexual offense charges. Below, we offer a brief overview of what constitutes a sexual offense, the possible penalties, and how a sex offender attorney may defend such a case. 

What counts as a sexual offense in Massachusetts?

Sexual offense, or sexual crimes, are overarching terms to describe a wide array of criminal acts. Sexual offense can range from something like indecent exposure or open and gross lewdness to more obvious acts of sexual offenses like rape or sexual assault. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts takes sexual offense charges very seriously, especially when involving a minor. Below is a non-exhaustive list of other possible sexual offenses:

  • Crimes against family, like incest
  • Crimes against children such as pornography, exploitation, molestation, abduction
  • Indecent exposure, bestiality
  • Prostitution

What are the penalties for sexual offenses?

Because of the wide area of crimes that are categorized as sexual offenses, if you are facing charges, it is wise to speak directly with a sex offender attorney to help ascertain what penalties you may be facing with your case. 

In brief, penalties can be very harsh. If found guilty, you will likely be required to register as a sexual offender, be classified as a sexually dangerous person, and submit to mandatory GPS monitoring. Not to mention you may also face very hefty fines and up to 20 years in jail, depending on the crime in question. 

How can a sex offender attorney defend you?

An experienced and aggressive sex crime attorney like Keren Goldenberg or her associate Kayla Fahey knows how to properly handle evidence, thoroughly investigate allegations, file motions for third party records, and review medical evidence and any other expert testimony that the prosecutor may try to introduce.

As Goldenberg explains, the defense a sex offender attorney may use in court generally falls under one of three possible defense categories:

  • It didn’t happen;
  • It did happen but someone else did it (identification);
  • All sexual contact was consensual.

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