How to Find Top Criminal Defense Attorneys in Boston

What you need to know to be able to find and hire the best criminal defense attorneys for your case 

A quick Google search of “top criminal defense attorneys” will likely take you to a list of database directories like FindLaw or Justia that allow you to search and compare many different lawyers in your desired city. Type in “Boston” and you’ll get hundreds of hits for criminal defense lawyers. The question is: how can you tell what attorneys are reliable and experienced from those who may put your future at risk.

Here are some guidelines to help you knowledgeably navigate hiring your legal representation.

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Attention to clients and caseloads 

Unfortunately, there are lawyers and firms that see criminal defense primarily as a business, taking on as many cases, collecting their fees, and relying on plea bargains to make the process as speedy as possible. When a firm is structured to focus primarily on profit rather than focussing on the client and their needs, it puts the client’s future in jeopardy. Far too often, individuals facing criminal charges are advised to take a plea deal, even if it really is not their best option and they actually have a chance of winning their case. 

To gain insight into how a prospective firm and attorney operates is to ask them directly. Find out how many cases they handle at a time and what sort of support they have. An attorney juggling too many cases cannot guarantee diligent work and attention. The best criminal defense attorneys and firms will have the proper support and will know the importance of maintaining manageable caseloads. 

Top criminal defense attorneys never stop learning

This is probably one of the more abstract pieces of advice on offer. What this comes down to is that top criminal defense lawyers will be proactive about improving their breadth of knowledge, whether it is improving how they handle expert witnesses or staying up to date with new interpretations and applications of the law. This also means they are aware of how culture and the world around us understand the law. 

Lowell and Belmont based criminal defense attorney, Keren Goldenberg, is always current on the latest criminal cases, changes in the law, and forensic techniques. She shares findings on her blog, contextualizes law within popular culture, and has lectured about witness examination in front of the Committee for Public Counsel Services, Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education, Middlesex Defense Attorneys, and the Greater Lowell Bar Association.

Top criminal defense lawyers should be honest and transparent

If you are facing criminal charges, it can be scary and overwhelming. It’s easy to want to find the attorney who gives you the most hopeful outlook on your case. While it is important to find aggressive representation that will fight for you, it is crucial that they are also honest and transparent. 

A good criminal defense attorney should prioritize the needs of their clients and help manage their expectations by being transparent about potential outcomes. Honesty from a lawyer means that the client’s best interest is put first, not their own record or time — and that the client isn’t pushed into an unnecessary plea deal. Goldenberg and her associate, Kayla Fahey, will never advise a client to accept a plea deal if it is not in their best interest. 

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