The Best Drug Defense Lawyer Available Has Undeniable Expertise

Characteristics of the best drug defense lawyer include previous experience representing clients, winning cases, and consulting on how to present drug charge defenses

If you or a loved one is under suspicion of possessing or selling drugs, or you have been arrested and charged with drug offenses, then you need to enlist the help of an experienced drug defense lawyer. 

You should consider the best drug defense lawyer available to you because drug crime convictions can have significant consequences for those found guilty. These consequences go well beyond the actual sentence or probationary period imposed, and may include the loss of one’s driver’s license, ineligibility for public housing, immigration ramifications, and potential difficulties finding future employment. 

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The best drug defense lawyer has a record of success

Defense lawyers from all over contact Keren Goldenberg when they have questions about their drug cases. Keren has made a name for herself as an expert on drug crimes, having co-authored a chapter in Trying Drug Cases in Massachusetts, which is considered to be the defense lawyers’ handbook for representing clients accused of drug crimes.

Keren Goldenberg also has extensive experience lecturing to and teaching lawyers about how to successfully handle expert witnesses in drug cases. Keren has been invited to lecture on representing clients facing drug charges by the Committee for Public Counsel Services, Greater Lowell Bar Association, Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education, and Middlesex Defense Attorneys, among others. She has shared her expertise on all types of expert witnesses that may be called to testify in drug cases, such as chemists who test the suspected drugs. 

Expert witnesses possess specialized knowledge on subjects relevant to court cases, and they are permitted to give opinions based on their expertise. Even the most basic drug cases often involve the use of expert witnesses by the prosecution. In addition to chemists, the prosecutor may also call additional witnesses with expertise on drug consumption rates, the street value of drugs, methods of packaging for distribution, and characteristics of a drug sale. Our team at the Law Offices of Keren Goldenberg is well-equipped at challenging these so-called experts before and during trial.

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Understanding the minimum requirements for a guilty conviction in a drug crime is part of the best drug defense lawyer’s expertise 

The prosecution must prove a minimum of four elements in order to win a drug case. This includes that the defendant knowingly and intentionally possessed a controlled substance. 

Many defense strategies associated with drug crimes focus on these elements. For instance, was the accused actually in possession of a controlled substance knowingly? If it can be proven that the accused was not aware of the substance and that it was the property of someone else, then the charges may be dismissed. 

Possession can also be alleged when the drug in question is not actually found on the person charged. The prosecution can go forward on a “constructive possession” theory. If the drug is not actually found on the person, but rather in a nearby area on another person, the prosecutor can try to show that the accused had control of the substance without actually having physical possession of it. This is an area where an experienced defense lawyer can mount a defense that constructive possession did not occur. 

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