Minor in Possession of Alcohol: No Criminal Complaint Issued

Criminal convictions related to alcohol can have significant legal and collateral consequences, particularly for younger people. Even a misdemeanor conviction that results in nothing more than a fine and perhaps community service can limit a person’s educational and professional opportunities. Consequently, it is very important for anyone facing a criminal case related to alcohol to speak with an attorney and fully exposure his or her legal options.

Attorney Keren Goldenberg understands the seriousness of alcohol-related arrests and is committed to helping her clients move forward with their lives with as few repercussions as possible. Recently, Ms. Goldenberg represented a young client who the police had caught in possession of alcohol. Ms. Goldenberg represented him at a Clerk Magistrate Hearing and convinced the Clerk not to formally charge her client in return for him completing an alcohol education class. After her client provided proof that he had completed the course, the application for a criminal complaint was dismissed with no entry in his criminal record since he was never actually charged.

If you receive notice of a Clerk Magistrate Hearing, do not ignore it! This is an opportunity to avoid being charged with a crime. An experienced criminal defense attorney may be able to convince the Clerk not to issue the criminal complaint which is the necessary step for a criminal prosecution to commence. To discuss your case with a Massachusetts criminal defense lawyer, call Keren Goldenberg today.

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