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Kayla Fahey Weaton is a seasoned litigator having practiced in the areas of criminal defense, family law, and civil litigation. Throughout her years of practicing, she remained committed to criminal defense which led her to join the Law Offices of Keren Goldenberg and focus her talents solely on representing people accused of crimes.  She fights vigorously for her clients’ rights and is not afraid to take cases to trial. With her impressive knowledge and experience, Attorney Weaton represents clients in the District Court, Superior Court and Federal Court.


New England Law, J.D. 2012



University of South Carolina,
Bachelor of Science in Criminology, 2009



  • Currently licensed in Massachusetts, acquired in 2012
  • Admitted to practice in the United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts, acquired in 2015


  • Middlesex Defense Attorneys of Massachusetts, 2016-Present
  • Greater Lowell Bar Association, 2016-Present

Key Cases

February 2020

Attorney Kayla Weaton won a motion to suppress incriminating evidence discovered in her client’s car. Attorney Weaton convinced the Judge that her client’s girlfriend had no legal authority to consent to the search of the car which resulted in the police officer conducting an illegal search of her client in order to access the trunk. Because the evidence was suppressed, the prosecutor had no choice but to dismiss the charges.

December 2019

Attorney Kayla Weaton defended her client at trial facing serious domestic charges including, Domestic Assault and Battery, Kidnapping and Strangulation. Despite the Commonwealth presenting testimony from her client’s ex-girlfriend and a separate witness, Attorney Weaton, through rigorous cross examination, was able to cast doubt on the ex’s testimony and convince the jury to find her client not guilty on all charges.

October 2019

Attorney Kayla Weaton was able obtain a dismissal on the day of her client’s trial for a domestic assault and battery charge. While the alleged victim of the crime had asserted their right to refuse to testify, a separate witness remained available to testify. Attorney Weaton convinced the judge to exclude this witness’s 911 call and then convinced the prosecutor that this witness’s testimony was insufficient to secure a conviction against her client.

September 2019

Attorney Kayla Weaton successfully convinced a Lowell District Court judge to suppress her client’s incriminating statements made to the police during a traffic stop. The judge agreed with Attorney Weaton that her client’s statements made while under the influence of drugs were not made freely and voluntarily.

May 2019

Attorney Kayla Weaton’s client was acquitted in Lowell District Court on the charge of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. Attorney Weaton was able to convince the jury that the ex-boyfriend’s accusations were untrue and were made in an effort to distract the police from his own criminal conduct that night.

December 2018

Attorney Kayla Weaton was able to suppress her client’s incriminating statements made during police interrogation regarding a stolen vehicle. The judge agreed that her client’s statements were involuntary because the police improperly made threats to arrest her client’s girlfriend unless he cooperated.

Aug 2017

Attorney Weaton convinced a judge to exclude the audio portion of a video taken in a police station of a client charged with Operating Under the Influence. The basis of the exclusion was that her client did not speak English so he was not aware that he was being recorded. Relying on the wiretap statute, Attorney Weaton successfully argued that the audio recording had to be excluded from evidence. The exclusion of this damaging evidence was instrumental in her client being found not guilty at trial several months later.

May 2017

Attorney Kayla Weaton obtained a not guilty verdict for her client on domestic charges. Despite the prosecutor attempting to introduce her client’s prior convictions at trial, Attorney Weaton was able to convince the judge to exclude such prejudicial information from the jury.

Kayla Weaton
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