What to Expect from the Best Criminal Defense Law Firm

Understanding the advantages of using the best criminal defense law firm and how to find the defense you need today

There are many situations for which hiring an attorney may be in your best interest and being accused of committing a crime is one of them. In a criminal case, the prosecution has a number of advantages over the defense in court. For this reason, individuals charged under criminal codes are often at a disadvantage, and securing the best criminal defense law firm is essential. 

The best criminal defense law firm will be one that specializes in criminal law, has experience in local courts, and is unwavering in its commitment to protect and defend your interests. These firms are adept at researching and understanding the law, collecting and reviewing records, interviewing witnesses, and coming up with appropriate legal strategies. They are also skilled at negotiating with the prosecution in order to advocate for the accused, fiercely defend their rights, and help navigate a way toward a reduced charge, bail or sentence. The best firms will know that there are multiple ways to defend a charge and will know how to pursue every possible avenue towards achieving the goal of a reduced charge, bail or sentence. 

If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime, only the best defense will do. Contact the Law Offices of Keren Goldenberg today to discuss the details of your case: online or by phone: 978-221-2503 (Lowell), 617-431-2701 (Belmont).

Navigating the system

The criminal justice system is not designed with the best interests of the accused in mind and it is difficult to be successful without proper representation in court. No matter the crime, if you are looking at time in prison or hefty fines for a felony or misdemeanor charge, it is in your best interest to hire the best criminal defense law firm available to you.

In many criminal cases in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the burden of proof falls on the Commonwealth, leaving room for the best criminal defense law firm to strategize a defense that argues insufficient evidence of proof of criminal activity. An experienced defense attorney is trained in finding small details that may serve to negate charges brought against you to either eliminate or minimize fines and sentencing. This may involve proving an alibi or citing insufficient evidence, lack of identification, accident, entrapment, mental impairment, duress or necessity. 

Whether your charges are for alcohol or drug-related crimes, violence, aiding or abetting, violating terms of probation, fraud, rioting, failure to report a crime, homicide, property crimes, or something entirely different, no two criminal cases are the same and you have a right to be represented by a criminal defense law firm that cares about your future and will invest in understanding the nuances of your case to prepare for a successful outcome. 

The best criminal defense law firm will make you a priority

Being charged for a crime and thinking about the long-term impacts of such a charge is stressful and often, the stakes are too high to be able to afford to lose. The best criminal defense law firms will have staff available to field your questions and concerns at all times. If legal assistance is necessary, your lawyer will evaluate all aspects of your situation with you, explain your options and inform you of what to expect at every step along the way. 

If you are faced with felony or misdemeanor charges, arrest, or jail time, your defense attorney matters. For experienced defense, contact Keren Goldenberg today.

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